If you don’t think these are the greatest than you’re lying







holy shit

look at this

I don’t even know where to begin.



For some reason this is all I get when there’s new activity on one of my blogs…



What does this even mean or say

--incoming message from; gay-deer

actually no?? didnt mean to click anon on that, was kinda scared i did click anon 



listen, if you dont have dysphoria or you’re comfortable with your gender as assigned at birth, then you are cis because:

Cis:- Someone who is comfortable with their gender assigned at birth.

Truscum =/= Rude assholes

They only act like that if you act like that. I’m not tryina be rude here, but saying you dont need dysphoria to be trans is really offensive to actual trans people

There ARE asshole/rude truscum, I’m not denying that, but you’re judging them as a whole. As much as I hate tucutes, there are nice ones and they called themselves tucutes because of tumblr. They admitted it themselves.

I’ve seen on my dash, truscum that KINDLY explain to them and heck not only did they open their eyes, but they actually became friends???

So yeah what I an tryina say is, saying that you need dysphoria to be trans doesn’t make you rude or an asshole, it means you’re being true and real here.

Buuuut if you still disagree, I understand, i mean it’s hard to agree with someone who is strongly against your views, but at least be a decent human and not send me anon hate.

I’m not gonna message you on anon like you did, but I ask you to not send me those anon messages okay??? Im tryina be nice here

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Have you ever taken a look at something and thought, “This is it. This is why God doesn’t speak to us. We’ve become monsters. Steve Buscemi in Spy Kids was fucking right.”